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About Down Right Detail

Down Right Detail | Wake Forest | car detail

Down Right Detail is a mobile auto detail service based in Wake Forest, NC. This auto detail service is owned and operated solely by husband and wife.

We offer an one on one service. Your vehicle will be cared for by the same person every time. There is no smoke and mirrors, no games or gimmicks. I strictly come prepared to deliver the services you have ordered.


Unlike most detail services or car detail shop owners, I have held many positions in the auto industry. I first broke into the business as an electronics technician. I installed car alarms, radios, tv’s, etc. I also installed ignition kill switch GPS devices for new and used car dealerships. One of these dealerships ended up offering me a job strictly installing the GPS devices. That job led to me learning the art of auto detailing. I then went on to manage their auto detail shop. My excellent communication skills led me to being offered a sales position which led to a finance manager position all the while still installing GPS’s and detailing vehicles. Later a co-worker was taking a vacation out of the country and an opportunity arose for me to temporarily take over his photography position and manage the dealership’s online inventory. I had done such a good job that when the co-worker had returned, I was given his duty permanently.


My learning skills and attention to detail is impeccable. I have met many high ranking individuals in the auto industry; ranging from managers and presidents of Auto Trader to the top sellers in the country. I, myself was a top seller at one of the top dealerships in the state of Maryland. I played a major part in bringing my location award after award to the point that we were receiving one every month. I’ve seen “greats” and “one-time giants” in this industry. The thing that stuck with me the most were the “once upon a time giants”. I knew I didn’t want to become one of them, nor did I want to let this industry consume time away from my family for the rest of my life. I decided I would take a chance on the position I held that gave me the most satisfaction. A field that no matter what I was doing my services were always called upon. I chose Auto detailing. My services have been requested by lawyers, doctors, council members, business owners, and etc.


Auto detailing is a field that is not so black and white. If you purchase a vehicle you will soon know if it is good condition or not. If someone installs a sound system you will know if it functions properly. Auto detailing is different, you can easily spend $300 on a $50 job and not know the difference. Then return bi-monthly to throw more money away. For instance, when you purchase something most people primarily go with the most effective products. Well, most people don’t know what they buy when it comes to an auto detail service. That’s why knowledge and customer service is my niche. I’ve spent countless hours and funds researching and testing the best products on the market.


My service is not one that includes arriving in cargo vans and E250’s nor generators or water tanks. I simply arrive with the products and equipment needed for the job. Working in Washington DC, there was hardly any parking so I adapted to my working environment. Since arriving to North Carolina, I have not changed the way I do business. Most of my customers and their neighbors appreciate the lack of noise. Can you imagine me at your house at 8 am with a generator and carpet extractor going all at once. Our auto detail service, to me, is what an auto detailing service should be. It’s an auto detail service that’s not some watered down corporation. We’re a service that knows our clients personally as well as their vehicles. Wouldn’t it be wonderful every time you called somewhere you didn’t have to go over your service history or repeat who and why you’re calling to representative after representative. Or when having issues not have to be told, “this isn’t in my ability to decide”. Well with my company this is exactly what you receive, Sean will be your first point of contact either by phone or email assessing your vehicle type and detail needs. Please be as specific and descriptive as possible when scheduling your appointment, we come prepared for the job that is requested. I'm not the type to give you one price up front and then arrive to the scene and the cost changes because there are different services needed versus what is included in the ordered paackage. If you are unsure of exactly what you need, please inform Sean of that and we can give you two estimates depending on the actual service provided.


Not only do you receive my services, but I also educate my customers on what they can do to save me some time and them some money. Most people would do better if they knew better. Before you spend your money elsewhere, give me a call. Not because I want your money, but because I can point you in the right direction even if you don’t use my service. You may not even need the service you think your vehicle requires.


A good NC auto detail service is harder to find than a good Mechanic. Most auto detail services are like the mechanic that fixes something but messes up something to keep you coming back.


The bad thing is unlike a mechanic shop you will never know something is wrong with your detail job. Most people know nothing about auto detailing and don't ask questions as long as their car comes back looking good.

Now keep in mind that janky mechanic, before you let him put on parts if you're smart you check the parts he's putting on. If your even smarter you buy your own parts, 1 to save money; and 2, to make sure quality parts are being used.


Nobody thinks of these things when it comes to an auto detail service.

Most people offer a hand wax because they know NOTHING about buffing. Hand waxing could never come close to the finish of a buffer.

A good buffer will spin 3800 rounds per minute, imagine someone waxing in a circle 3800 times.


But never mind the buffer, 90% of people damage their car washing and drying it themselves.

How many Chamois or Sham Wow's do you think are sold or used everyday? Millions!!!

Shams damage the paint every time they are used on a vehicle. You won't notice the cobwebs until it's too late.

So called auto detail services wash and dry them wrong too because they have no knowledge of auto detailing.

The wax used is important the polish is important every step in and auto detail is critical. All paint is not the same some paint is soft some paint is hard every job can't be attacked with the same pads or products.


Choosing an auto detail service can be very difficult to someone with no knowledge of what to expect from a car detail service.

We hope to provide you with enough knowledge to make choosing our car detail service a breeze.


We know that a honest NC car detail service is exactly what's missing in North Carolina.

Many car detail services are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The NC auto detail scene is one that is widely unregulated. Since I've been here in NC I've called numerous car detail services just to get a feel for them. You would be surprised how many people don't like answering questions about the service they provide. That's why we pride ourselves in knowing not only our product, but every detail in which services are provided.

When you call us you may get more information than you bargained for.



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