The Sport Package - Starts at $275.00

$275 for All sedans and small Pickups

$300 For All Med Sized Suv's and Pickups

$325 For All Full Sized Suv's, Vans, and Pickups

Trash removal - Vacuum - Interior Cleanse- Interior Shine and Protection

Shampoo - Deep Leather Cleanse and Conditioner - Door jambs - Hand Wash Windows - Full Body Clay Bar Treatment - Machine Polish - Machine Wax

Tire degrease and Dressing - Wheel well Degrease and Dressing - Rim Polish

We vacuum all of your vehicle's mats, seats and the carpet.

This includes in between your seats and center console and any other hard to reach areas.

Your vehicle's carpet, mats and fabric seats will cleaned using an extractor. A machine that shoots a cleaning solution into the fabric of the seats, carpet and mats. The machine simultaneously extracts the solution leaving the fabric, carpet and mats damp.

Your vehicle's leather will be cleaned using a safe cleaning solution. Then a conditioner will be applied to all leather parts.

All of your vehicle's interior plastic and rubber parts will be lightly steam cleaned.

All of your vehicle's plastic parts will be dressed with a layer of interior shine and uv protection.

Protecting Your vehicle's plastic parts while adding a shine to your vehicle's interior.

Your vehicle's vents will be dusted and lightly steam cleaned.

All of your vehicle's knobs and buttons will be dusted and lightly steam cleaned

Your vehicle will be Washed and  then Clayed to remove all contaminants.

Your vehicle will then be polished using a DA polisher and then waxed with a light duty buffer.

Your vehicle's exterior will be protected by a layer of fully synthetic liquid  wax or a sealant.

Your Rims will be washed, cleaned and polished.

Your wheel wells will be cleaned and dressed.

Your tires will be degreased and dressed in a non slinging durable tire gel.

All windows will be steamed or cleaned using a streak free substance.


*Pet Hair Removal is not included in any package*

Pet hair may may be removed from your vehicle free of charge in some cases. Depending on the amount and time needed to remove the pet hair.

Pet hair removal starts at $25.00.

$50.00 for Excessive Amounts of Pet hair.

Please inform us if a pet rides in your vehicle or if any pet hair is present in your vehicle.

 *Removal of Vomit, Feces, urine and other bodily fluids are not included in any package.*

Please inform us if any of these things are present or may be present in your vehicle.