Down Right Detail's Reviews

Yesterday I had my car detailed by Thomas. I’ve never met him, but saw him on Craigslist and decided to try him. What a pleasant surprise! He came to my house and we settled on a price. I was impressed by the amount of detail and care he took to make my car look beautiful. You could tell he took pride in his work, and the car looks great. Now a confession: I am a tightwad. I’m the kind of guy that will drive 5 extra miles to get to a gas station to save a nickel a gallon. That’s just the way I was raised. So after 62 years on earth, I can only say I’ve tipped 2 people $25.00 or more: The waitress at my table the night I saw Elvis in Vegas, and Thomas. Both were worth it! Give this young man a chance to show you what he can do. The entire experience, from his wife handling the appointment, the polite manner, the professionalism he showed, made this an enjoyable experience.

Terry T.



Wanted to tell you all about a great local business. Thomas from Down Right Detail came to my house and detailed my car this morning and it looks awesome! I cart around stinky pups pretty often, so my seats take a beating. Before and after pictures are below. Great work and very affordable!


Devin T.


Thanks for everyone who recommended Down Right Detail! Thomas came out this morning and did a better job than I could ever have hoped for


Christa C.


Just had Down Right Detail out to take care of my car and they tore it up!! Unreal! Like a new car! If you need your car spruced up and smelling good, give Thomas a call. He will take care of you.


Karen T.


Just had Down Right Detail detail my car. Impressed with the professionalism and work they did. Thomas showed up on time; went over everything before he started; was very thorough in his work and then walked thru what he did afterwards to make sure we were satisfied. I recently purchased this vehicle from a dealership, whose detail job consisted of, in my opinion, running it thru the car wash at the gas station nearby. If you're looking to have a vehicle professionally detailed. Give them a call, you won't be disappointed.


Tricia W.


Hey Wake forest! I would like to give another shout out to Down Right Detail They build their business on positive reviews and satisfied customers. They came out yesterday on Valentines day to clean out my husbands SUV. It was my Valentines Day present for him, while he was away with my son for a hockey tournament. Let me tell you, our Honda Pilot was a DISASTER, I am surprised Thomas did not find a wooly mammoth in there..It was WELL LOVED by my 4 kids and thats putting it nicely. I was so impressed with all of the reviews, that I decided to give Down Right detail a try..I asked them to come out and clean it, without looking at different packages, and apparently the package I was quoted was a regular wash and vacuum. I left the key and payment for the guys to work on it while I was gone. When I came home, I was dazzled by a "new" shiny SUV in my driveway..It looked better than the day we got it. To make long story short, it turned out that my SUV needed a full blown detail, which costs a lot more than what I left for them as a payment. So, instead of leaving the car the way it was and asking me for a different payment to come back another time, the guys worked on it for quite some time and made it sparkle inside and out. To top it off they even offered to come back today (in this tundra cold weather) and condition the leather, as they ran out of time yesterday. I didn't let them, lol, they need to stay warm..So, if anyone needs their car cleaned and shined give Down Right Detail a chance or a challenge like me..


Nelly B.


Down Right Detail is the best. They did an amazing job on my SUV!


Tiffani P.


Down Right Detail does outstanding work. He really takes pride in every vehicle he touches. I will only use him.


Tony O.


Down Right Detail is GREAT! He did an awesome job on my Range Rover. Will never use anyone else.


Richard C.


Down Right Detail is the best! Thomas did an excellent job on my wife's SUV. We used other detailers in the past an never got the same results. I would only use Thomas and recommend him to anyone asking.


David B.


Not sure what magic Down Right Detail did to my car, but it looks better than the day we bought it! Thanks guys!!!


Nichole T.


I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Down Right Detail I ended up in the ditch this morning with mud all over my truck thank to a dump truck in front of my slamming on brakes in front of me but wow it looks new now.


Crystal E.


Down Right Detail is the best. Not only did he do an OUTSTANDING job on my SUV, but he also gave me tips on my other truck that he wasn't even cleaning. Definitely recommend!


Lisa T.


I am very impressed with Thomas and his work. Thank you Thomas, she looks great. He and his wife are very nice and polite! My car is shining like new money!


Angela H.



My truck was so beautiful after the detailing. It looked showroom clean again. Very excellent job. I highly recommend Down Right Detail for anyone who wants their car to look new again.

                                                      Elaine Woodard.

A very satisfied customer and another beautiful job well done by Down Right Detail. Please look them up and give them a chance to make your auto shine like brand new.


Elaine Woodard

Nick had been burned by a mobile detailer and called me to remove the buffing trails. 

Wow! Very professional great work. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Will definately  use again and refer to others.


                                                                                    - Nick-

Great Job ! Took extra detail to exterior that needed extra work. Interior was done very well also ! Highly recommend his work !

                                      - The Poole's-

Very impressed knowledgeable and professional. Great customer service will definitely recommend.


Great job highly recommended

                            - The Johnson's-