Exterior or Interior Only Packages.

$90 for All sedans and small Pickups

$115 For All Med Sized Suv's and Pickups

$140 For All Full Sized Suv's, Vans, and Pickups


Don't need a full detail? Already keep your inside or outside clean? Well we have NEW packages that cater to those needs specifically.  

We have our Exterior Only Package. This package is recommended for the customers that have low vehicle traffic and maintain their interior on their own or have recently received a full detail package and just need to refresh their wax.


And our Interior Only Package, best recommended for those of you that can properly maintain your exterior or have already had your wax applied and need to keep your interior fresh and clean. Those that have those kids that just refuse to pick up their fries and chips behind themselves, or sneak open that ketchup/bar b que sauce that isn't allowed in the car.

*Pet Hair Removal is not included in any package*

Pet hair may may be removed from your vehicle free of charge in some cases. Depending on the amount and time needed to remove the pet hair.

Pet hair removal starts at $25.00.

$50.00 for Excessive Amounts of Pet hair.

Please inform us if a pet rides in your vehicle or if any pet hair is present in your vehicle.

 *Removal of Vomit, Feces, urine and other bodily fluids are not included in any package.*

Please inform us if any of these things are present or may be present in your vehicle.


Exterior Only starts at $90


Hand wash with Foam Cannon


Bug removal

Machine wax

Door Jambs

Tires and Rims


Interior Only starts at $90

All Interior vinyl, rubber, and plastic 

Interior shine and  UV protection

Leather cleaning and condition


Shampoo Carpets and seats

Steering wheel 


Door jambs