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Things to Know

Down Right Detail | Wake Forest | car detail

Please Read before you schedule an appt.


Down right detail takes pride in providing knowledge to our customers. 

We also want to make your experience a pleasant one.


Please check your vehicle for tree sap, oxidation, minor or major scratches, pet hair and etc.


Please inform us of any add on you may want to add on when making your appointment.


Please cancel any appointment within  48 hours of your appointment date. 


Please notify us of the condition of your vehicle.




Many people don't understand why they should have to pay more for a detail  than a vehicle that's slightly smaller. At first glance from a consumers eye's I don't understand why a slightly smaller vehicle should be charged less. Upon closer examination from a business stand point the reasons are obvious. A larger sized vehicle requires more product being used to complete the job. If I used low grade harsh products purchased in bulk like other large companies this would still be a problem. Time and the amount of work that actually has to be done plays a factor as well.



Size is only half the battle a small vehicle in poor condition could cost as much as a large vehicle in good condition. From my experience most people like to think that their vehicle is in pretty good condition. For customers who don't frequent auto detail shops or are not DIY'ers this is almost never the case. Down Right Detail is all about getting right down to detailing. It's hard to get down to the details if the initial cleaning takes hours. Getting the vehicle back to the way it looked when it came out the factory is not a problem. Getting the customer to understand what it takes and the process it takes to complete the job can be a problem.


Most places don't take the time to explain things of this nature. This is a very up close and personal service that I offer so I thought I would take the time to do so. I come to people's home and meet their families and spend hours at a time in their presence. Some people are even ashamed of the condition of their vehicle prior to receiving an auto detail.These are things I take into consideration prior to and while performing an auto detail.


Condition and size all play a factor in the time it takes to complete a job. Please inform us of these things prior to your appointment. Price and scheduling depends on these things.




Hypothetically: Mrs. Johnson wants the "BASS Model" she informs us her vehicle is in great condition. Upon arrival I notice Mrs.Johnson has water spots on her vehicle and Mrs. Johnson insists that I remove them.












Hard water spots CAN NOT  be removed from just the car wash and wax she has ordered. Depending on the amount of water spots, they can be removed for an additional fee and I will still have time to make my 4 pm appointment. If the water spots are more than can be removed in the time allotted for the this job. I would advise Mrs.Johnson to reschdule to receive all the services she needs.

If the vehicle is subject to further damage, I would advise getting the vehicle protected now and make a new appt for correction and protection.


Because Mrs.Johnson's vehicle wasn't protected, hard water and calcium was able to settle on the clear coat. Without protection more damage of this nature can be done leading to more correction being needed





There are many levels to every aspect of an auto detail.

Please let us know the condition of your vehicle prior to making an appointment. This will give us the opportunity to determine what auto detail methods will be used to correct and protect your vehicle. This will also give us the opportunity to schedule enough time for any and all detail services required. Time, size and condition will  always play a factor in price and schedule.


Please do not be discouraged 


If you don't want to break the bank to get you car to a 10 decide what imperfections you can live with or get corrected at a later date.

If it's hard for you to decide or come up with what you think is a good detail package for you give us a call.


Even if we don't personally know your vehicle we can give you a list of options that may help you find the car detail package you need.









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